Big Money

Big Money

Don’t patronize me by pretending you’re impressed by my work and are convinced that I make more money than you.  Just don’t.

127 thoughts on “Big Money

  1. This is probably the most hilarious posts I’ve seen in awhile. The reason why Sienfeld was so funny was because his episodes were always about something that’s true. I can’t tell you how many times I hear this, “…that’s why you make the big bucks…” OMG – Really??? I’m flat broke… I run a nonprofit ISO of donations all the time. lol — It doesn’t really get any worse than that… YES, I do good work, NOPE – NOT making BIG BUCKS lol

    Here’s a site that I just launched for my career in real estate… Let me know what you think! – I’m taking you RIGHT TO THE “FIND MONEY” page 🙂

      1. Funny, cause I dont take tp brand that serious and it seems to let me down most of the time. Hey, less on coffee and more of toilet paper. Thanks ….

  2. monopoly might won’t work when you are having any tough period going on along side you in fact when you are in turmoil than everything g goes wrong and when you are on song everything pays and goes well.

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