Stuck in the Fitting Room

My Greatest Fear

It could happen.  It has happened.


12 thoughts on “Stuck in the Fitting Room

  1. OH! I too have been there! “Ummmm… can somebody help me?” Fortunately, I have either had my mom or my daughter with me to help me out of it! Ummmm… Mom, I need your help! Uhhh… No I can not unlock the door, can you crawl under?” Hahaha Yes I have been there too!!!!!

    1. I almost had to yell out for the fitting room attendant. And I was wearing my laundry day undergarments.

      I really hope that fitting room wasn’t being monitored by security.

  2. At first I thought women just take forever in the dressing room because they are trying to build up the suspense and make the man wait….ha ha, now I know the truth…….Are you alright in there honey? HAHAHAHAHHA!

    1. Yes it would be a good idea to ask her if she is alright in there! I think every woman has had this challenge trying to get out of that dress or whatever she tried to squeeze into in the first place!

  3. Has happened with me too.. a major emergency when I thought I couldn’t get out of it without tearing it(or my head)apart,and had to deal with my mom screaming”why is it taking you so long in there???”so, yeah, I empathise.

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