A World Where I Can Scratch My Butt

A Better World

I dream of a world where people feel more connected.

14 thoughts on “A World Where I Can Scratch My Butt

    1. I think it’s just something we’ll have to change one fart at a time. And some people may never change, but if we can make it easier for just one child to fart, we’ll have left the world a better place.

      1. Hi HazelSorry for the delay in getting back to you. With comremcials the period of time it takes to make a decision is down to the client (Mr Heineken, Mr Nike whoever). This is usually linked to when the shoot date is. I have confirmed people on jobs the night before the shoot and even on the day of the shoot, but usually you should know a few days before (wardrobe call etc). So its a how long is a piece of string’ scenario i’m afraid, there is no set time. Best thing to do is email me the link to your clips and ill let you know if I think their damaging or not.Email to

    1. And I lived in New York five years, where the rent stabilization mnieahcsm is one reason landlords harass long-term immigrant tenants into leaving, so that they can get transient students who pay much more money.

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